Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, a leading purveyor of affordable luxury vacations, has posted its list of precautions every traveler should keep in mind this holiday season. Personal safety is important all year round, but Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that during the holidays, with colder weather, increased numbers of shoppers and an increase in crime, its members need to be extra careful

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club cares about its members’ well-being. Because of this they have published a few tips to help vacationers stay safe and avoid possible issues this holiday season.

Inclement Weather

If traveling to areas that tend to have brisk winters, be sure to pack plenty of layers. Severe weather conditions sometimes happen without much warning and it’s generally easier to take layers off when too warm than to try and stay warm with only lightweight items. It is important to keep feet and hands dry and, if they get wet, try and warm them as soon as possible. Hypothermia can be a great risk in a short period of time. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club encourages travelers that are driving during their vacation to carry traction devices, check road conditions and have a reliable map on hand. Also, remember to have extra snacks, water and blankets just in case.

Personal Safety While Shopping

The holiday season is a time when crime is more likely to happen. Unfortunately, criminals find shoppers to be easy prey. Keep these few tips in mind while at the mall, at hotels and even at home. Be aware of the surroundings, park in well lit and populated areas if possible and carry little or no cash. Additionally, when taking packages to the car, consider making frequent trips and always lock packages in an area that is hard to see.

Take Away the Target

When at home it’s tempting to leave the curtains open to showcase the tree but Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggests keeping blinds closed and making presents less visible and therefore, less tempting. Also, if packages are expected to arrive, make sure someone will be home to receive the package or arrange for a neighbor to pick it up. Boxes left on door-steps can be hard to pass up and make easy targets.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club wants its members to enjoy all that the holidays have to offer and to stay safe.

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