Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club feature some of the best ways that travelers and vacation-planners in 2015 can keep themselves safe from scam artists and thieves during their vacation experience. From device safety to common sense travel tips, these prevention tips are the best way a traveler can ensure that they, as well as their fellow travelers, remain safe while traveling.

One of the first tips offered is to maintain constant vigilance. Travelers should always be on the lookout for suspicious activity, from random phone calls to deals that appear too good to be true. Some criminals target vacation planners, posing as representatives from respected resorts. Other criminals create bogus flyers and advertise unbeatable attraction tickets. An unwary traveler who jumps at the opportunity to save some money may find out that they have fallen victim to a scam and, now that they have paid for the fake service, the criminals have their credit card information as well as any other personal information that was discussed.

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also warm travelers about when they utilize their digital devices while traveling. Scam artists can easily set up a fake wireless network that can attempt to infect connected devices with dangerous malware. Infected devices will relay all input information, like Bank PINs and credit card numbers, to the criminal’s private storage system. The best way to avoid being affected by this type of scam is to only connect to wireless devices that have been approved by the resort or business offering the wireless connection.

Another way that travelers can be safer while traveling, according to the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, is to refrain from traveling with too many valuables. Pickpockets are experts at picking people out from a crowd that look like they’re traveling with some cash in their wallets. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or other flashy accessories. By the time a traveler notices that their watch or wallet is missing, the criminal will probably be long gone, so it is important to be wary of what travelers bring with them on their trip.

These tips are sure to help travelers embark on memorable and worry free vacations. For more information on safe and fun travel experiences this fall visit

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