Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is releasing a series of time-saving airport travel tips that are designed to make dealing with vacation flights as stress-free as possible.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is aware that with all of the benefits that flying brings to vacation planners, there are plenty of minor annoyances that may have to be dealt with along the way. To better help these vacationers, Luxxury Leisure Collection has assembled some of the best airport travel tips for vacationers to follow as they plan vacation destinations and book flights.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club proposes that travelers conduct a bit of online research about their airline company before they start packing.  Airline regulations differ from airline to airline when it comes to luggage dimensions and carry-on specifications. The very last thing a traveler wants is to be told at baggage check-in that their luggage is not the required minimum, or that they have too many bags. Imagine having to sort through packed luggage in the center of a hectic airport. Having to do so will be incredibly time consuming… time that might potentially make a traveler late to their flight. By researching airline regulations online, days in advance, vacationers will be able to quickly get through baggage check-in.

Another airport tip that Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has for vacationers is to arrive well before their scheduled departure. Delays can happen along the way to the terminal, and it is best not to feel rushed at the start of the vacation. Feeling rushed can lead to stress and anxiety, two feelings that should be far removed from a vacation state-of-mind. So it is wise to prepare for any delays, and try to arrive at the airport well ahead of the scheduled departure time.

When it comes to packing carry-on bags, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club proposes that airline passengers bring along some essential items that are typically overlooked while packing. A key item that is suggested to be brought along is a sleeping mask. The mask helps block out sunlight and cabin light, helping the passenger take a nap, when flying. Ear buds are also recommended to be brought along. They can be used to muffle the engine noises and also chatty neighbors. Of course ear buds can also be used with a device to play some quiet music to relax to.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club points out that comfortable shoes and socks should be worn when flying. Some vacationers might encounter swelling in their feet due to the change in altitudes. By wearing loose-fitting shoes and comfortable socks, passengers can keep from feeling cramped in their shoes when flying.