Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club vacationers have always found Honolulu to be fun, given its beautiful and full of life, tourist spots. Honolulu is the largest Hawaiian city, packed with sights, activities, tourist attractions and history. The beaches around the area are exquisite including the Waikiki Beach which is world famous. Honolulu is located near Punchbowl and Diamond Head Volcanoes which are now extinct. Tourists come to this tropical paradise to sun and surf and enjoy the natural beauty.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members advise tourists that are traveling with children to visit the Honolulu Zoo. This excellent zoo houses exotic animals like the African Savanna that allows the animals to wonder around freely in their natural environment. The tourists also love to experience the twilight tour of the Honolulu Zoo which gives them the chance to see nocturnal animals when they are the most active.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club vacationers state that while at Honolulu tourists have always loved exploring the thick vegetation around the slopes of its monumental volcanoes. Admiring the beautiful scenery and surfing on top of some great waves is a quite thrilling daytime activity for beach lovers. The festive evenings at Honolulu can make the tourists even more thrilled, especially with the Honolulu City Haunts Night Walking Tour, a nighttime tourist spot where one may find himself gasping at some supernatural events. Tourists also love to visit the Lolani Palace which is the home of the last Hawaiian Monarchs where they get a chance to step back in time. If you get a good tour guide, there is a possibility that he may also take you to the scene of a modern day murder which will make you exasperated.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that the Orbs Of Oahu is another haunted tour where tourist travel in vans and weave their way into the more rural areas of the islands and scenes of historic and horrific events. Tourist can also pay tribute to the 1,100 people who died during the bombing of Pearl Harbor at the Arizona Memorial in Honolulu.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggest that if you are tight on a budget you can still enjoy your holiday in Honolulu as there are many fun and entertaining things to do in the area that are absolutely free. Tourist can enjoy the hiking trails or enjoy having fun in the sun on its beautiful beaches.