Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recently toured the beautiful Prince William Sound in Alaska, and strongly recommends seeing this amazing American State. Sadly the Prince William Sound gained a lot of recognition for the Exxon Valdez oil spill in the late 80’s.

Today however there is no trace that this pill ever occurred, the waters are teaming with sea otters, Orcas, many other species of whales and many species of fish. The Prince William Sound I one of the most beautiful places on earth, visitors can experience this by cruise ship, or stay in some of small towns mostly fishing ports on the Sound, like Cordova, or Valdez. By cruise ship you wild definitely experience the natural beauty Alaska and this region offers, but to experience the thousands of bays and waterfalls and glaciers up close, these are remote areas that the cruises ships simply cannot get to.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends taking a short flight from Anchorage, to the small town of Valdez Alaska, if you chose to go the non cruise ship route. Valdez is a small town and there really are not a lot of activities in the town, this is just a base to explore the sound from and experience some of the wonders that Alaska offer. Global Adventures Timeshare also recommends if you like to Kayak there are tour companies right on main marina in Valdez that provide tours to right up to some of the most beautiful glaciers, you can also get right up close to the last pieces of solid land before the ice from the glaciers takes over the water. This is s great way to see these amazing glaciers up close, and also see wildlife close up. Alaska is home to many different species of animals, and it is not uncommon to see a family of black bears playing on the beach, moose, and even the protected Bald Eagles.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also recommends a least for a half or full day trip a fishing excursion in these waters. Commercial fishing in the Sound is illegal so these waters for private fishing are great; there are many fishing spots that yield monster size halibut, and cod that make an amazing dinner back at some of the wonderful restaurants in Valdez.

Alaska has so much to offer Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggests on one of your trips to Alaska, because one single trip does not do this state justice make the Prince William Sound a stop, it is a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list.