Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that each year, couples search for the ideal place to experience romance during special occasions. In the month of February, Valentines Day comes to mind, but travelers should also be able to find perfect vacation experiences to appreciate anniversaries, honeymoons, and long awaited couples getaways when they choose the Dominican Republic as their destination. No matter when they travel, members of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club should rest assured that they will be able to have the perfect romantic trip when they take advantage of all that Lifestyle has to offer lovers in 2015.

The many beaches of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, including Serenity Beach, Lifestyle Beach, Harmony Beach, NV Beach, Nirvana Beach, and Cofresi Beach, are the perfect setting for romance when couples visit the resort. Lovers can enjoy the ocean breezes and glowing sunsets from a cabana on one of these stunning beaches, or swing together in a hammock. For a truly relaxing day, they can visit the Yin and Yang Health and Wellness Spa for a couple’s massage and other refreshing spa treatments. By taking advantage of these amazing opportunities at the resort, any couple will be able to fill their days will thrilling activities that will not only make their vacation memorable, but will also allow them to grow closer and appreciate their time spent together.

For those who want an unforgettable date night during their romantic getaway, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also has a number of dining options that will offer visitors the perfect evening out.  These world-class culinary choices include the Simply Gourmet and the AZUL Gourmet. All of these dining options offer those staying at the resort the opportunity to enjoy a romantic atmosphere while they dine with their partner. These restaurants also offer the perfect spot for celebrating special anniversaries or executing unforgettable proposals. Those who want a more secluded experience also have the option of pre-planning a private beach dinner for the ultimate romantic evening on the soft sand.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has made it its mission to offer visitors the perfect opportunity to make their next vacations truly unforgettable. The offerings of the resort are the essential tools for crafting a unique and unforgettable vacation experience for each and every visitor. Because of these unforgettable offerings that are available all year round, as well as the many special events that Lifestyle brings to life each year, the resort is truly the perfect place to spend every holiday or special occasion. The resort is especially ideal for couples that want to have an extraordinary romantic getaway. Any traveler can find their ideal vacation experience when they visit Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. For more information on planning a special getaway with Lifestyle visit