Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is dedicated to ensuring that every member is able to take the carefree vacation they deserve. However, some travelers are wary of vacation planning or anxious about encountering scams and other fraudulent activities. According to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, scams can target a traveler even before they leave for their vacation. With that knowledge, this trusted name in luxury vacations has set out to inform both members and non-members of what to look out for, as well as indications that may alert the traveler that they are being targeted by scam artists.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club point out that one of the surest ways to know that criminal activity is taking place is when a person finds a travel company is contacting them, without previously doing business with them. Criminals will collect hundreds of telephone numbers from across the internet and call each and every one of them, pretending to be a vacation resort or travel agency offering a great vacation deal. Never provide any personal information to unsolicited callers. On the off-chance that a call sounds legitimate enough, it is advised to end the call, and call the alleged company back using a number found on their website or in the phone book. Do not simply redial, as that will just call the bogus number.

According with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club travelers should also be wary of scam artists in person. Many times, two criminals will pair up, with one creating a distraction and the other conducting the theft. These parings can involve a number of various tricks. The traditional method is one criminal utilizing a street performance skill, like juggling, while the other works their way through the crowd as a pickpocket. An emerging trend among scammers these days are for one to spill food or a drink on a traveler and while the two work to clean up the mess, the second criminal walks off with unattended items. This can happen anywhere, from airports to cafes, so travelers should always be aware of where their items are at all times, and never let them out of their sight for any reason.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club wants to make sure that every vacation this summer is that best that it can be and that travelers know how to protect themselves from scams. For more information, visit