Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resorts and spa offers you amenities, affluence and luxuries without the Beverly Hills price. The convenience of the beach and the epic view of its beautiful mountainside can be enjoyed from all vantage  points of the resorts, including its restaurants, activity centres and of course the suite itself. Guests of the resort get to enjoy awe-inspiring views of its blue ocean against the horizon.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also offers many beach activities for the ones who want to be part of the luxury ocean side activities. These world class resorts of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club redefine luxury and elegance by offering an extensive array of cutting edge rejuvenation techniques including body wraps, facials and nail treatments. The most popular of all the treatments is the Chiropractic massages along with its specific treatments to promote sound, body and mind and overall wellness. Another of its most popular choice includes the hot rocks massage, its reflexology remedy and the tranquil treatment at the best luxury resort and spas of the Dominican Republic.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers round the clock amenities and full service facilities that ensure the comfort and safety of you and your dear ones. The expert’s staff members try their best to create the ideal environment for relaxation in this luxury paradise. With its prestigious penthouse packages and full service elevators for easy mobility along this large vertical resort, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club it is simply nothing less than the breathtaking spectacle of hospitality.