According to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, spending in Christmas in Cancun can be more than memorable.

Local traditions make Christmas inCancun an unforgettable experience, explains Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.  Specializing in quality accommodations for travelers, this company shares this holiday information to aid guests in creating the ultimate vacation.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club notes that Cancun makes an ideal winter getaway destination for several reasons.  Local traditions here can resonate with visitors from diverse backgrounds.  The spirit of community and importance of family can be observed in many Christmas activities, which can be a nice change of pace from a more commercial approach.  The beachfront setting is another reason this resort town appeals to tourists this time of year.

Los Posadas begins December 16 and lasts for nine days.  This Mexican tradition begins with a candlelight ceremonial procession through a residential neighborhood that reenacts the holy couple’s search for lodging.  Children dress as nativity figures, and there may be a donkey for a costumed Mary to ride.  Participants ask for shelter at a few houses before one homeowner lets them inside.  Then a party commences complete with food, hot beverages and piñatas.

A Cancun Christmas is rich in tradition.  Nochebuena is the term Mexicans use to refer to Christmas Eve.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club notes that this night is deemed special and locals typically spend it with their families.  Nativity scenes, called nacimientos, are a common sight in Cancun, but the baby Jesus is not added until December 24.  Ponche de Piquete is an alcoholic beverage made of cinnamon and regional fruit that is served hot this time of year.

The downtown area, specifically City Hall on Tulum Avenue, and the Hotel Zone present a bold display of holiday lighting displays.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares that Kukulcan Plaza offers high-end shops, holiday decorations and Christmas performances.  Concerts at this upscale shopping plaza usually begin a week or so before Christmas and continue through New Year’s Eve.

A Christmas in Cancun can be the perfect cure for the bah, humbugs. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club invites families, singles and couples alike to come celebrate in this sunny locale in Mexico.  Leave this tropical oasis feeling refreshed and energized from this culturally infused winter holiday.

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