Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that when folk’s think of Los Cabos, beautiful golf courses, and deep sea fishing is what usually first comes to the mind. Los Cabos is on the tip of the very bottom of the Baja peninsula the Pacific ocean on one side and the Gulf of California, or also known as the Sea of Cortez is on the other side of this over one thousand mile long peninsula. Because of this geographical location of Los Cabos there are many great dive spots some within a few minutes from the Medano beach, the main beach in Los Cabos known for having the finest hotels and restaurants along the shoreline. The Sand falls is an amazing dive spot right in the main bay the “Cabo San Lucas Bay” just a few short minutes from the marina.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club highly recommends this dive site, it is has been compared to seeing an under water waterfall. The Sand Falls was discovered by Jacques Cousteau and starts at 90 feet deep and divers can go to about 120 feet and see many tropical fish, and watch as the sand from the bay cascades over the edge of the canyon. The main bay in Cabo San Lucas, in some parts is as deep as 5000 feet which is what allows the cruise ships to come so close to the shoreline, and is why such a wonderful site like the Sand Falls can exist. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends this dive obviously for the beauty of the site and the proximity to the main bay. After you finish your dive you are minutes away from the beach restaurants like Baja Cantina to grab a fresh margarita and enjoy the warm Baja sun!

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also strongly recommends looking at booking your diving excursion through the hotel concierge’s suggestions, as the companies they recommend for a sport like diving have been screened and researched and has the best qualifications and equipment. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is sure that the Sand Falls will not disappoint check it out on your next trip to Cabo!