Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members love to spend their holidays in captivating charming Quebec City which is the most European of North American cities. This charming city is a real feast for the eyes and quiet tantalizing for the palate.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members advise tourist  a good way to get the real insight to all the hot spot locations and tourist attractions of their  holiday destination by going on a guided walking tour. The tourist can enjoy a combined Grand Tour and Food Tour and get an introduction to all the historical attractions in and around the area along with a culinary tour visiting its famous bakeries and sampling ciders and wine produced locally. The most unique feature of the Quebec cuisine is that maple syrup is used as the main ingredient in most traditional delights and tourist will really love the taste.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also recommends tourist holidaying during the cold winter months to enjoy Quebec’s Winter Carnival which showcases beautifully crafted Ice Sculptures. The tourist can participate in its wintry sports like Cross Country Skiing, Ice Fishing and Dog Sledging. And when they are not skiing down its slope they can enjoy the free concerts or drop their children at the Ski Camps and rejuvenate and relax in its Spa enjoying a relaxing experience.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggests tourist in Quebec City to plan eco-sensitive tours and share their actual life experiences with their friends. Holidaying during the summer months in Quebec City is more fun as this is when this place has the best weather. Plus if you can learn a few common phrases of the local language your holiday experience becomes more enjoyable as this way you can easily get around the city and enjoy things at your leisure. Tourist can go on city tours or travel by bus but the best way to enjoy your holiday destination is to step down on your own feet and mingle with the local crowd.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members advise tourist that it is always best to gather all the relevant information about the place that they plan to travel to. This sure enhances their travel experiences and gives them more time to enjoy it all.