A lot of travel scams have been filed with the travel industry lately. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, issued by the Best Dominican Republic Resort, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation has compiled a list of most recurring complaints that travelers have placed while returning from their vacations.

According to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, using ATMs while traveling have been identified as one of the major nuisances for theft. A lot of tampered ATM machines have been identified across North America over the years and still tops the list for scamming travelers to this date.

While most vacationers have always depended on using ATMs during their journeys due to the uncertain fluctuations in foreign currencies, many have fallen a prey to con artists who find them to be an easy target. Many cons, using electronic card readers are somehow able to extract the user’s credentials and use it for their own good.

So Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club while advising against using ATMs during late hours in the night also suggests to use only ATMs in locations which are trustworthy. Best is to look out for ATMs located inside the hotels, banks, and other security areas.