Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that, when you travel, you depend on the employees of the service industry. It iis fairly well known that many of the people who work in this industry are not very well paid. They often depend on tips left by the travelers to help them make ends meet. The problem that many travelers have is figuring out how much to tip. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club understands that it can help to have an idea of what type of tip is considered appropriate.

  • In the hotel – There are many different people to consider. The valet normally gets $1 or $2 when they park your car. The concierge gets a tip when they do something special for you like getting hard to find tickets. This deserves $10-$15. The bellhop that carries your bag should get at least $1 per bag. The maid that cleans your room should get $2 a day.
  • At the airport – If you have someone take your bags at the curb, $1 -$2 a bag is typical. If someone hails you a cab, $1 is normal. Anyone that performs a special service while at an airport or train station should get at least $1.
  • In Restaurants – This really depends on where you are. In the United States 15-20% of the bill is normal. In other countries, no tipping is expected.

Many businesses include the tip in the bill. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends that you look for this before you leave any extra tips.