Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is the premier vacation resort of the Dominican Republic, ready to offer its undisputed crown jewels, its deluxe Crown Villas that raise luxury living to new heights. They sure are the foremost in luxury and extravagance, offering guests a true vacation home experience for its most distinguished guests with amenities and pampering of five star resorts. The Crown Villas are stand alone houses offering holidaymakers a choice of booking into two, three, four or even seven bedrooms to accommodate even the most expansive families and travel groups. These stylish Crown Villas are perched high above the crashing waves of the Caribbean Sea and are nestled in secluded gardens among the rolling green hills and the natural flora of the Dominican Republic. Most guests opt for its all inclusive plans with full meals and deals, nine restaurants and a twenty four hour snack service that really makes them holiday in style.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club are a collection of many different resorts located at the stunning northern coast of the Dominican Republic. With their Spanish Mediterranean architecture the beautifully designed Crown Villas are the ultimate in exclusivity and luxury and turn out to be the sensational getaway that really helps to enhance your overall holiday experience. Its red tilled roofing, stucco plaster archways and imposing stone columns really add to its artistic architecture. The property of each villa is a thriving manicured garden filled with hibiscus, bougainvilleas and other tropical flowers. The villas of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club are a complete vacation home offering guests their own private swimming pools, expansive shaded terraces, a fully equipped kitchen and a private bathroom with every bedroom.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is situated on the hurricane- free and summertime environment, these Austrian owned stylish clubs have been currently expanding since their inception in 1995. The resort guests get to enjoy helicopter tours, snorkeling and whitewater rafting and can even play golf in the distinct golf courses in the area. The family friendly tourists simply love to visit its Ocean World Amusement Park, home of casinos and Dolphin Shows that keeps their family busy and entertained all through their holiday.