Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members recommend tourists to take to the Caribbean waters of the coast of Punta Cana and enjoy fun in the sun this holiday season. You get to sail along the Dominican coastline, enjoy a traditional punch and snorkel in the pristine waters of the Caribbean With plenty of onboard fun things to do on a Punta Cana cruise vacation you sure will end up churning lasting memories for life.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends the thrill seeking tourists to start up their engines and prepare for a half day Dominican adventure. Tourists get to zip through the beautiful country side on a manual dune buggy and enjoy traveling through banana plantations and farmlands. The high end adventures can experience the thrill of their life and enjoy a zip line tour soaring from platform to platform, high above the ground, leaving Punta Cana behind tourists can travel through its iconic countryside.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members advise tourists to carry a valid visa for the Dominican destination of Punta Cana, that they plan to holiday in and if they book tours through professional tour operators then they can easily get their visas on arrival. Plus being a predominantly Spanish speaking country the Dominican tourists should learn the basic keywords and bring along a translation book for reference during their holiday in Punta Cana.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members know that most customs that the American tourists may find odd in Dominican culture of Punta Cana is that instead of pointing towards something with a rigid outstretched  finger, the Dominicans motion by puckering their lips in the direction they want to point at, almost like a kissing motion. And this shows that they are more open and get personal when you try to communicate with them. So keep these in mind when you try to mingle with the locals so that you can understand the way to socialize with them. The way to enjoy a perfect holiday experience in holiday destinations like Punta Cana is by getting up close and personal with the locals and enjoying things as they do.