Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club thinks everyone should take time out of their busy schedule this fall in order to relax, restore and more while taking in the unique sights and sounds of another country. One of our top recommendations of places you and your family should visit during your upcoming vacation happens to be affordable, exciting and of course, very beautiful.

Travelers, consider heading to the Dominican Republic for your next trip for a lively place. Not only is the atmosphere very unique, this country is also home to activities that will appeal to the whole family—something that important to every traveler. In fact, while spending time in the country, every traveler should hit up Ocean Adventures to see the Caribbean Buccaneers Dinner Show for their vacation entertainment.

Kids and adults alike will marvel at the replica pirate ship that the show takes place on, designed to be an interactive show that offers a variety of different stunts, special effects and more. In fact, visitors who have been before often remark they feel transported back in time. You may just feel like a member of the crew while this show starts out at the village of the buccaneers, moves on board of the “La Hispaniola” pirate ship, and sails along the coast to reach Shark Island.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares that there’s also a buffet on board, offering delicious sea food and more to feast on after the three-hour show. Don’t miss out on adventure, and visit this exciting dinner show and the Dominican Republic this fall for a lot of fun.