Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Recommends to visit San Pancho, also known as San Francisco, Nayarit, is beautiful village in Mexico found along the beaches of Pacific Ocean. A family-friendly community framed by jungles and the Sierra Madre Mountains, San Pancho combines the exotic feel of a foreign culture with small town charm. Without losing its identity, it has also embraced luxury with a growing number of resorts, shops, and restaurants dotting its streets. The village is considered part of the Riviera Nayarit, a line of picturesque coastal communities that have become an appealing destination for many travelers. Its isolated but convenient location gives visitors the perfect opportunity to get away from the noise and bustle of everyday life.

Less than an hour drive from the international airport at Puerto Vallarta, the small village, or pueblo, is only accessible by a bridge which leads visitors to a tranquil, pristine town of only 1,600. San Pancho has retained its own unique character and traditions, setting it apart from the more commercialized resort towns like Puero Vallarta and others. The village is still a vibrant fishing community, accented with lively restaurants and venues, both rustic and contemporary. Authentic live music weaves through the warm air of most evenings, and tourists and villagers mingle along the streets. Climate is pleasant, with warm, clear weather allowing for year round enjoyment.

Travelers will find a wide range of activities and accommodations to enhance their vacation. Because of a strong undertow, the focus of the town centers on creative pursuits rather water activities. This creative vein adds flavor to the region through galleries, studios, and charming shops while also encouraging photography and writing. But non-artists have plenty to enjoy as well. The local flora and fauna providing breathtaking walks, and untouched beaches add serenity to the atmosphere. More adventurous activities include horseback riding, hiking, surfing, fishing, and swimming. San Pancho’s location also offers easy day trips to surrounding areas, opening up a new array of adventures. Accommodations include high class resorts and affordable inns. Romantic bed and breakfast inns are another great option for those looking for a more intimate setting.

Many travelers are afraid of venturing into Mexico, wary from the news reports of drug cartel violence and murders. San Pancho, however, is a safe destination where violent crimes are almost unheard of. The village provides 24-hour police patrols and well-lit streets, and its isolated location is far away from the intense drug cartel activity centered around the border. The community is small and proud, with strong family-oriented sensibilities ” a place where everyone knows everyone’s name. Days are lively but safe, and the nights are quiet and peaceful. If travelers are still nervous, there are two numbers to remember ” Mexico’s equivalent of 911 can be reached through 066 from any standard line and 080 from Mexican cell phones.

San Pancho is the perfect place to experience the beauty and culture of a Mexican village. Traditions still thrive under the shades of jungles and mountains, while still providing the comforts and luxuries of other resort towns. Long stretches of beaches and waterfront border the charming village, and its streets are filled with charming restaurants and shops. With its convenient location, travelers can enjoy all the many attractions this pueblo has to offer.

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